One should not be afraid to call a spade a spade

Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud have been synonymous with each other. Sigmund Freud is rightly considered to be the father of Psychoanalysis and his contributions in this field have been matchless. However certain tenets of Sigmund Freud are controversial which have been brought out by one of his disciples Patrick Mahony in his book “Psychoanalysis and Discourse”. The fallacies of the therapy have been brought out by him as he feels that there is a sea of difference between psychoanalytical theory and practice. This has caused outrage among the psychoanalyst community who are of the opinion that Sigmund Freud is a reputed authority on the subject. Patrick Mahony has never challenged the authority of Sigmund Freud in any way but has only opined that further research has to be done on the subject as much more knowledge is to be gained. Through exhaustive research Patrick Mahony has proved that Sigmund Freud too is human and is capable of committing mistakes. He has proved that certain rules and tenets have been distorted by Sigmund Freud to suit his own interests and this speaks about the tendentiousness of Sigmund Freud’s character. This is no way belittling his contribution to the field of psychoanalysis.


Patrick has only strived to present the actual picture as it is instead of distorting and magnifying facts. Sigmund Freud’s works have been minutely dissected by critics and conflicting opinions have emerged as a result. It has been researched that Freud deliberately chose to omit certain details in his summaries which gives rise to suspicion. This is the concern which has been expressed by Patrick Mahony in his book and he only wishes to correct this anomaly. He has never challenged Sigmund Freud’s authority on the subject and in fact states that he owes it to Freud to have inspired him to become a psychoanalyst.

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