Chatting in today’s world


A chat to a stranger is supposed to be two way. This means that it should be from both parties meaning that there is verbal exchange of words with a common goal. This is not a relationship that has existed before so an individual needs to handle it very carefully. One must be especially careful while chat to strangers.

For example when one makes a visit to the doctor, he needs to know how to chat with the doctor especially if he is a new one. Don’t talk like he is your friend since sometime back. This is the time that you might strike a deal at each other and may end up making him your personal health physician. As the patient, don’t get off to a good start then end up in an awkward position where you have nothing more to say which may cause silences that may cause tension or uneasiness that is not necessary.

Another position where one can find themselves dealing with strangers is when one is attending an interview for a new job. In the interview room, the panel consists of people who are all strangers to you. Amongst themselves they may not necessarily be strangers to each other but you as the interviewee is a stranger to them and they are also strangers to you. When the interviewing panel is engaging you in this kind of talk, you should not be so shaken until it is noticed by them. This can easily lead to wrong judgment of your personality especially if they wanted a strong personality for the interviewed position.

When starting a conversation with others, don’t allow pride to take control of yourself esteem. If you require help or information from a stranger yet you are proud and look down upon them, you may end up not getting what you really needed. This example is given of a new boss in a department who needs his juniors to know how the systems run.

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