Be Safe at Heights

North East Access Training or NEAT is an institution that offers official training for some dangerous forms of work on heights. Courses are approved and audited by associations that promote safety in respective fields.

Courses approved by IPAF or International Powered Access Federation teach on work with machines that bring workers to elevated places, like cranes. Then there are three types of PASMA Training that give licence to make and climb mobile access towers. Harness training teaches to use safety harness that ties workers to buildings so they do not fall on the ground but instead stay hanging in the air if they loose their grip.

Those courses are required by law and are employers responsibility. They teach about usage and potential risks. After short lessons and practical training, usually just one day, participants take written and practical tests. The card is issued soon. NEAT even takes photographs for cards. Licences have to be renewed in regular intervals.

You can take courses at more institutions. NEAT promises to deliver courses whenever you want, with no minimum number of participants. If there are more candidates for one day than allowed in a group, serving all is sometimes still possible as there can be three groups at a time. Check it at

Apart from training, NEAT sells harness, powered access platforms and alluminium access products and gives them for hire. It does spider tracked access with operators for its clients. Devices sold and used there can be inspected by NEAT employees.

Regular inspections make sense as those products are used in dangerous operations. No one wants to be on top of a tower that is likely to break or rely on deteriorating harness that could tear while being used. Knowing how to behave on hights saves lives.

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